Presence 2.7: free EasyConnect and improved reliability

The new release of Presence makes EasyConnect free unless you have high data use. You can transfer up to 200 MB every month, free of charge. If you need more than that you can buy more data.

If you’re not using EasyConnect there’s good news for you too – Presence is now more reliable. If your router misbehaves and starts blocking your connection, you no longer lose your access – Presence will automatically cut over to EasyConnect. The menu bar icon will turn blue, and when you get back to your Mac and you can investigate by opening the Connection pane.

These changes mean that Presence now works first time for most people. So now, you can recommend Presence even to people who aren’t computer-savvy.

If you’ve prepaid for a number of months of EasyConnect, you’ll have received a refund for the unused months.

For more information about how all this works, see

Presence 2.7 is a free update for users of Presence 2. Install the update when prompted, or click Check for Updates in the More Options section of the Mac application.